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Hello there, my name is Meliha Omic. I am a wife and a mother of 3 kids, two boys and one girl. I have a passion for fashion, travel, cooking and decorating. I decided to start this blog to share my knowledge with you in hopes to inspire you because I’m a firm believer in big ideas.1487911_10152348108368660_7005164595589404055_o

I believe life is like a puzzle and that you are in charge. You are the one piecing it together so choose the best pieces and make the most out of it. Hold onto those people who will lift you up during difficult times, not those that will tear you down even further. Most importantly, find your happiness and learn self-love. To live a fulfilled life with purpose, you need to love yourself and love what you’re doing. It is possible for everyone! Happiness is a process, but self-love is the root of it. You must first appreciate yourself, and then you can enjoy all the beauty around you.



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