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Holiday look



“’Twas a cold winter’s evening,
The guests were all leaving,
O’Leary was closing the bar,
When he turned round and said
To the lady in red,
“Get out, you can’t stay where you are!”— Paul Cavin

The holiday is season is a time of giving and sharing with those around us, but that sharing can be simple, like sharing a special photo session with matching outfits and making memories with your children. This girl right here, she has won my heart from the day she entered our family.

She truly is our little angel, full of cheer, happiness and life! As her mom, I am honored to make these memories and create new traditions with her. The tradition we have started is to wear red for the holidays. I like to call it “lady in red”, it occurs in a song, on a perfume bottle and many other places.

In 1979 the movie, The Lady in Red, retells a love story. Since then every women who favors a red dress, or is dressed when captured in a dramatic film or moment was referred to as Lady in Red. One such was Nancy Regan, Hillary Clinton and many more.  My little angel and I join the famous women and rock our red dresses in style for this holiday season.



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