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Winter Day in Detroit !!!



Happy Thursday Everyone!! I love this time of year and everything that the City of Detroit has become. Today we decided to explore the city, and I am always amazed despite how many times I have been down there. I’ve taken on a new challenge of becoming a tourist in my own town. We have been very blessed with the incredibly comfortable weather which adds to a more enjoyable visit. The temperatures were in the 50s and a lot more tolerable.

The places we visited did an excellent job of decorating and getting these areas ready for the holidays. The decorators really did an excellent job with the interior and exterior. When you entered the facility you felt like you were on a movie scene, it was just so cozy and charming. It was very obvious that the decorators intended on making this place look and feel like a home. There were plenty of places to sit that looked like a living room with a fireplace.  My daughter and I got to spend an afternoon enjoying a very delicious meal and relaxing by the fireplace.  Be sure to stop in during your next trip to the D.


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