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Holiday Cheer !!


Tree: Home Depot, Boys Pajamas: Target, Sajras Pajama Dress: Target Snowman: Target

How many of you out there can admit that you have something simple that makes you excited. Whatever that thing may be, it’s always nice to look forward to something. It puts a smile on your face right? Admit it, each time you get excited it makes life a little more impressive!

Today, I had the pleasure of capturing this excitement in a few photographs with my children! My kids grew up on Tim Hortons; fortunately, we live really close to one! This makes it super convenient when I want to cheer them up or put a smile on their faces! What makes Tim Hortons even more special is the ever-changing menu. They change the menu every season and offer different flavors, this allows my kids to have something different to look forward to.

To make the day even better, I surprised the kids with a brand new pair of matching pajamas. I had no intentions of buying more clothes, but I couldn’t resist the temptation! The pattern, material, and the price was not something I could give up. What’s that saying… “going to grab one thing, walk out with twenty-five,” Target gets every single time! However, I will admit that it was a purchase well spent, check out the memories we got to make with a few of our favorite things.


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