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Detroit the lovely city….


On another adventure with Meliha and kids take on Detroit.Today we decided to use a new method of transportation to help us get around the city. The Qline also was known as the M-1 Rail is a 3.3-mile circulating streetcar along Woodward Avenue between Congress Street and West Grand Boulevard.  The M1 Rail was formed by the private sector to address a need for reliable transit alternatives to provide connections to the main destinations within Detroit. The Qline stops at Downtown, Midtown, and new center areas. Qline opened to the public on Friday, May 12, 2017, and within the first two weeks of operation, it had nearly 50,000 riders averaging more than 7,140 passengers a day.

The Qline is powered by a 750-volt lithium ion battery, operating 60% off-wire the highest percentage of any streetcar system in the United States. It can carry an average of 125 passengers per car allowing for 34 seats. The Qline is climate controlled and is supposed to have the heat on the outside stations in the winter. Overall, my kids really enjoyed the ride and an opportunity to explore the city differently.

Since this Michigan weather is so unpredictable, my children and I decided to visit a local Detroit ice cream shop to cool off for a little while.  We made a quick stop at the Detroit Water Ice Factory. I like to call this place a great snack for a great cause. Detroit Water Ice Factory takes pride in the fact that 100% of the profits help Detroit’s neediest citizens through the S.A.Y. Detroit program.  Super all year is a 100 percent dollar-in-dollar out charity.

I like to teach my kids the importance of giving back and supporting local organizations that believe in this movement. Overall, I considered this an enjoyable and educational trip to our hometown.


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