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A Day in the City with Mini


Sajra’s Outfit Info: Pants: Gap Cardigan: H&M Shoes: Target Hat: Old Navy

This past day of the week, one of the most adventurous days in Downtown Detroit took place once again. While this city is the best known around the United States for its auto industry and Motown hits, I took the time to explore the contemporary culture and unique architecture. I like to remind people that Detroit is not as dangerous as the media makes it seem. There are places to venture out to the city. You can go to the Westside and find a  really cool Middle Eastern restaurant, or go downtown and see really great soul food. What people forget when they visit this city is that we are not just a music town, we are also an art city. We are known for some of the best art in the United States. We hold some of the masters in our art museum, and it’s pretty unique to this city.

Wandering the streets of the city, I stopped to admire some of the creative architecture and took the time to photograph my lovely daughter. It reminded me of how much I enjoy being behind the lenses and how much more I enjoy documenting all of her experiences. I love lifestyle photography, everything about it really. There is something so authentic and genuine about capturing my daughter in her elements, where her every day happens. Ordinary is so beautiful and, if obtained with intention, it can be considered a work of art. Stay tuned as I share some of my favorite memories of my children and my city!


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