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Santo Domingo Colonial Zone


As we continue exploring the Dominican Republic we decided to visit Santo Domingo for the 1st time. We choose to go to Colonial Zone since that side of the town is so historical. It was also something we were really looking to see. As many of us know Santo Domingo is a capital of Dominican Republic and it’s also the 1st Spanish colonial in America.Christopher Columbus was once here and his house still remains right here in Santo Domingo. This was really something so special and amazing to see. Standing right inside the house left me speechless because it’s so beautiful and unique. The antique furniture, beautiful art, amazing architecture left me and my husband both speechless. The front of the house was beautiful with a perfect view from all over, and what made me more excited it’s because it reminded me so much of Europe and our culture.

Later we decided to walk around the colonial zone to explore some more. Streets here are close to each other, buildings all have balconies, all of them with colorful flowers which were a great setting for some photography. Now that many of you know my little bit better you all know that flowers are my favorite. That European feel right here in the Dominican Republic is something I would never expect from the Caribbean. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this countries beauty and charm. This is probably why I feel that I belong in the Dominican Republic. Each time I would come here I would get that strange feeling like I’ve already been here in some other world. This made me very curious about doing some DNA ancestry testing to see if I had any Spanish roots in me.

After a long day, we stopped by the old Church which is in middle of everything.My daughter ended up playing with the pigeons. This is the circle where all of the famous restaurants are located which gives you a chance to stop and grab something to eat and drink. Here you will find a lot of Dominican people enjoying each other’s company. You will also see people playing, singing and dancing to music.Later we decided to head back to La Romana to explore another little city.



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