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Dominican Republic Vacation



When traveling to the Carribean, I must admit that the Dominican Republic is definitely my place of choice, this is probably why I’ve visited 6 times. This was the first time I stayed on the La Romana or Bayahibe side. After going to Punta Cana 5 times, I can now compare both of the locations.

Punta Cana Bavaro beach is located on the Atlantic Ocean and finding the right hotel can be challenging if you are looking at the more calm water. Punta Cana is also known for its beauty, and there are so many hotels to choose from.Punta Cana Hotels are so vast, and at some locations, you might have to take transportation to get to the restaurants, beach and other facilities that you want to use. Being at big resorts has its advantages, one of them being a huge selection of food.Which is a big plus if you are a picky eater to make sure that you can find something each day. Be careful about drinking water, sometimes you can get the virus, and that can be brutal. I  really didn’t struggle with this because I prefer drinking water from a bottle rather than from a glass. Trust me when I say this because, if you have a sensitive stomach the chances you will get the virus are kinda high. Punta Cana has fantastic nightlife so if you’re looking for partying this is the place to be and Coco Bongo is the place to go.With incredible performances, spectacular shows, you will remember Punta Cana even when you return to your homeland. Wild nights, beautiful beaches, family-friendly events and many other things that you can do if you choose Punta Cana as your final destination.

When you look at La Romana which is located on the Caribbean Sea, and you will get calm turquoise waters.If you’re a beach lover like myself, you will enjoy this. Bayahibe is located on a long white sandy beach, and the water is one of the best views in the Dominican Republic.Now, this side of the island is known for honeymooners. Looking for something more relaxing and not so loud.Hotels are so much smaller, and on this side, you will have more Europeans than in Punta Cana.If you are an American and you want to meet other Americans, this will not be a place for you. Punta Cana has more Americans than La Romana.What was cool about La Romana was that it was so close to Saona Island, Santo Domingo, which was a big plus for me because I wanted to go to both places. Overall, the Dominican Republic has so much to do so choose well and travel often.


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