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Altos De Chavón


Altos de Chavón Just the name alone takes you to a fantasy, and let me tell you, it truly is a fantasy. This little beauty is a recreation of a Mediterranean style European village located on the Chavón River in La Romana, Dominican Republic. We heard people talking about it in our Hotel but to get there is a little bit tricky. This small village is in Casa De Campo well-known the richest area in the Dominican Republic. We called the taxi to take us there. The 1st question the taxi guy asked us was if we had reservations to go there. I guess u have to have reservations or you have to know someone who lives there to go.We told him that we don’t have any reservations and that we just want to see this beauty of La Romana which he replayed that he will try his best to get us in. It was only 30 minutes from our Hotel. When we got to Casa de Campo, you have to go through the security clearance check point, and the driver has to give them his driver license so that they can check his background. A security guy came out and told the driver to go around the circle while they verify his identity. Once the paper work was done, and he was cleared they told him to come again to the gate and gave him paper to enter.

The driver then took us to the place where he parked the car and said he will wait for us while we explore. When we got to the place, it left us once again speechless. This village looked like we were somewhere in Italy. Later we found out that this village chapel is the chapel that Michael Jackson got married to Lisa Marie Presley.  We walked around the village and stopped by the little shop where we bought the organic apple juice that they make here in the village.  This reminded me of my childhood, it even tasted the same. Drinking the juice was actually refreshing on this hot and humid day.

From this beautiful village, you can see the Chavon River and the views are lovely. The surrounding area is just breathtaking. We sat there and enjoyed the view while Sajra played in the little fountain which was located right in front of the chapel. We took some beautiful pictures and made some good family memories. The amphitheater is also located nearby. Now, this is a place where Jenifer Lopez has been known to perform. The capacity of the theater is 5000 people. This theater is so beautiful, the architecture is well made and like the other places, it has the European feel. Another day another adventure checked off from our family bucket list.


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