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Sajra’s cute hairstyle


Girl with style is what I’ve always dreamed of.I always wanted to have a little girl especially one that would be like me.Sajra is my pride and joy, and she gets to be my experiment every now and then. Last night I decided to do something different with her hair. I am sharing step by step on how I achieved this look.

How to make Sajra’s Curls

You will need plastic drinking straws, rubber bands, hair comb, hair clips and water spray.

  1. Begin with washed and dry hair.
  2. Separate from the top ¾ of hair, and secure on top of the head with an elastic or a clip
  3. On the bottom section, take a small 1-inch part and spray with water enough to dampen the strands.
  4. Holding the straw where it bends, begin to wrap the hair around and around the straw away from the face. Keep the hair tight and close together the straw cut the longer piece and use rubber bands too fast the ends.
  5. Continue until u finish the entire row.
  6. Now release the next layer of hair and repeat the same steps.
  7. Continue until all hair is done.
  8. Let the child sleep with hair like that, and remove the straws in the morning.
  9. To remove the straws, merely untie rubber bands and let the hair fall off the straw.You will have fabulous curls that will loosen into soft curls over time.
  10. Separate the curls to your liking and style as desired.


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