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Sajra Turns Two…


Sajra’s Dress: Amazon

Sajra’s Shoes: Amazon 

Hey, guys! I was so excited about Sajra’s Birthday Photoshoot. Sajra just kills me, look at her.Oh, my!From shimmering gold to gold bows, this 2-year-old is just shining like a star.  Today we celebrate my daughter turning 2 years old. Being a mom to This Beautiful girl is a dream come true. She is a such a blessing, I thank God daily for bringing her to me.  She changed so much this year. She is no longer a baby, She is a big toddler. She has a mind of her own and definitely, know what she likes and what she doesn’t. Her dad and I say She has a lot of sass. Daddy seems to think she gets it from me. Even though I can’t disagree, I know he’s right. She takes after her momma.  I want her to know that her momma will always be her best friend. I hope that one day when she is old enough, she will consider me as her best friend all on her own, just as I consider her grandmother mine. I hope she knows she can come to me with anything and I will be there for her. To support her, to encourage her, to give her honest advice to help educate her and to just listen. I will be here for anything and everything she needs.She is and will always be my best girl. Happy second birthday my little love. I love you to the moon and back!

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