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Sajra’s 2nd Birthday Celebration


My Dress: Charlotte Russe  Wedges: Michael Kors   Sajra’s Outfit: Dress: Burlington Shoes: Marshalls

What better way to spend our daughters 2nd birthday than at the American Girl.We looked into an idea and fell in love with it.I made a reservation over the phone, and from there we were all set for the weekend getaway. We booked birthday celebration package which included a delicious meal, signature cake with ice cream, goody bags, and doll tiaras, unique gift for the birthday girl, digital invitations! Overall, a deal I couldn’t resist.

American Girl is a definitely an experience to remember. While browsing for a perfect doll on the internet can be so much fun, picking everything in the store is even better. Since it was Sajra’s 1st time visiting the store, we let her choose her own doll. She was so excited and happy. A personal shopper made sure that Sajra had the best time while picking her doll and creating her own backpack for the baby.Later, we went to a cafe for Sajra’s birthday celebration. Once we were in the cafe, we were seated at the beautiful table. They had a chair already set up for Sajra and her doll. Which blew my mind away. What a treat. Our meal was quite lovely and delicious. Most importantly Sajra enjoyed her little birthday celebration which was our primary goal.




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